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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Matsunichi.

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2 years without charge, why wont it charge now?

Help! My tablet hasn't been charged in 2 years, and now I'm trying to charge it. It's been on the charger now for over 24 hour, but I've had no response from it. Why won't my tablet charge? How long will it take? I need answers fast please.

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Ah, sounds like the battery is done. Usually lithium batteries if they get below a certain point cannot be charged no matter what you do to it. This is why Tablet and Phone companies tell you to discharge to %50 and re-charge to %50 every few months if in storage. You'll need a new battery, and even if the battery from a miracle actually turns around, it will probably not hold a charge very well.

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This was very helpful, but where would I have to fund this battery at?


I have never repaired a tablet like this before, but maybe a repair shop locally in your area can replace it for you. You can also look online for a battery, do your research and make sure the mAh matches with the old one. Is the battery removable, or inside the tablet?


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