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The JXD S7800b is a tablet that runs Android and has built in controls. is a good repair source.

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How can I fix a sunken power button on a JXD S7800b?

Block Image

Block Image

I dropped my Jxd on its side and so the power button has sunken. I have no way to press it. I managed to pop it out a little but it will not stick out like it use to. Even then it still doesn't press down or there is no reaction or clicking feeling anymore it's just loose and sunken. I opened it up fully and i can't seem to see what's the problem as I don't have experience. If I were to take a wild guess, it looks like it was crushed but I still intact. Maybe it was sodered on there? Not sure. I don't even know how to remove it. I can take pictures if they allow me to on this website. Email me @ if you would like to help :/ thanks I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Your missing the power button on the circuit board . you can see theres two empty holes and there are four empty solder pads . your missing this part. The part your playing with is only the external extension of the power button . it pushes against the button that's missing from the circuit board. this pic(second picture down ) if you zoom in (click on the pic to zoom in )will show the small white button attached to the board that your missing Hope this helps

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Is there a way to buy this piece and soder it?

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If you spend enough time on google you will likely find someone who sells the switch I would contact these folks and see what they can supply.

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