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A popular graphic calculator released by Texas Instruments in 1996.

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Why does my screen have vertical stripes on it?

Slowly (over the past several years), the screen on my TI-83 has developed more and more vertical stripes in the background, making it more and more difficult to see the numbers on the screen. How can I fix this? I realize that a new calculator doesn't cost very much, but this one has sentimental value, and I'd really like to repair it, if possible. Thank you.

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Hi Jessica,

Today I took 3 of these apart because it had been a while. As you can see I removed my previous advice because it applies to a different (older) calculator. I'm very sorry for that.

The three Ti-83's I took apart were all different, so I assume there are quite a few different types of the same calculator. The bad news is: the display connectors on these calculators are difficult to repair. Ti used adhesive to glue the connector to display and print, and it decays after time. This may be repairable with a bit of heat and lots of patience, but I wouldn't expect a long life of the repair.

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Ahh...ok, I won't try to pry apart my calculator anymore to try to fix this then. Thanks for your help.

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Ok, thank you. I will try this. I realized I don't have the correct tools to open my calculator, but I will acquire them and then try to fix this soon.

- de

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Like Eelco said, it’s probably the ribbon cable that’s failing. However, there’s still hope. You don’t need to replace the ribbon cable, just patch it up. You can view a guide on that here.

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