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Grease/Dirt on ports - Stuck at cleaning


Recently I bought this used Macbook from Ebay and I have stumbled on some minor detail problems, the dirty ports. There appears to be this black kind of grease on some of the ports which I am unable to get rid of. Basically I don't think I have the right equipment.

The things I have tried to use is a Q-tip/Cotton swab and distilled water. At first, I did manage to clean some of the gunk off, however, because the cotton swab is pretty 'large', I couldn't continue and I have a feeling that with continueing using the cotton swabs, there's gonna be these small cotton leftovers which if I'm correct, could cause for some damage. So in other words, I'm pretty much stuck at the moment.

I do know that many people suggest Isopropanol, but I don't have this at the moment, so I'm gonna continue using distilled water as it's currently the only alternative I have (if it's alright of course). So what my actual question to all this is, what item would be the best to clean this kind of dirt of these ports without damaging the electronical parts.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that for me at this current moment, it's hard to get Isopropanol.

Pictures for reference:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I would first use a polyester wet wipe Eskens Wipes and wrap a flat blade screw driver so you can get into the narrow areas. See if that gets the dirt out. You don't want the wipe to be too wet.

As far as using isopropyl alcohol it may not be able to clean what remains. You will likely need something stronger but you do need to be careful as some solvents can damage the plastics.

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Alright, thanks for the info. I'll try to get these wipes that you have suggested, however, I've never heard of that brand before till today. I'm gonna check whether these are available in one of the local stores near me, but I'm doubting I gonna find those of that brand so I'll have to find similiar wipes from another brand. I live in Belgium and so far as I have seen on their website, they're like available in the Netherlands, UK and France.


You can use something else. It was just an example of what one can use.

Go to the local hardware store or supermarket I'm sure you can find something there thats basically the same.


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