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The second-generation Durango was first shown as a concept dubbed Dodge Durango R/T concept at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show.

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My truck stalls and wont start when I get gas

My truck stalls and wont start when I get gas or sometimes all the warning lights be on in truck and turn signals and stereo works when it want to dont work off and on the check engine come on and goes off. Truck is dodge durango hemi limited 2005.

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@drockz40 has the engine compartment got wet . do you wash your engine ? Has the truck been in flooded area ? your question is rather vague and a little difficult to understand. So lets start here " truck stalls and wont start when I get gas" by get gas to you mean pull up to the pumps and fuel up the truck or do you mean it stalls when you try to accelerate , increase your speed ? If its after filling the truck it could be vapor lock caused by poor tank ventilation . a vacuum is created in the tank that is strong enough to stop the flow of fuel out of the tank . If this is the case the there will be an evap code in the obdII system . Have the codes read and see if there's a code to help direct you to an answer. If the problem is with acceleration and stalling out once again we need the codes read to determine whats going on as there are too many possible thing that can cause this . map sensor , oxygen sensors , maf sensor , fuel filter , air filter , fuel pump fuel regulator , fuel lines . any one of these can cause the car to stall . Then you mentioned lights and stereo not working right . these problems can be caused by a wet computer connection that has started to corrode . This is why I asked about the wet engine compartment . We'd love to help aand if you can share a little more info it would help

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I agree with everything @jimfixer has suggested in his answer. Your description of the vehicle stalling and hard to start after getting gas is on occasion a symptom of a bad purge valve and ties in with the EVAP system as @jimfixer has described. Overfilling your gas tank to “top it off” or round it up to the next dollar is the typical cause. It forces fuel where it doesn’t belong and can cause the purge valve to stick open or remain in an open position.

As for the electrical issues described, I would need more detail in order to understand what is going on and how to provide assistance.

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