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PC hang for a couple of time while browsing

Hi again,

Why my PC hang for a couple of time(no freezing) while i'm browsing on Chrome? ( or Edge, Opera etc.) I mentioned that the mouse cursor work but i can't click nothing on my desktop, even the windows taskbar...then he's recovering(In the hang up time if i click on different apps or tabs it do nothing, but when 's got recovered it goes at the last clicked app or tab). I have opened the task manager to see what process is consuming resources, but no clue, just see that disk at that time was full loaded at 100%. I have reinstalled the windows. My PC specs are: AMD FX 8350, 8 GB RAM (DDR3), 240 GB (Kingston SSD) ,1 TB, SSHD (WD Black) and nVidia G-force 1050ti with 4 GB VRAM. Please help!!!

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Hi Liviu,

Perhaps this has to do with your SSHD and caching. How long does a freeze? A few seconds? It could be that the platter drive inside the SSHD is powering on after power-saving standby. Can you hear a faint whine of a hard drive powering up during the freeze?

- de

Hi, I can tell you that after the PC unfreeze the SSHD gets a sound like a faint, but i just bought it for about 4 months and if I don't mistake i tried to test this without SSHD just with SSD and it did the same.

- de

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Hi Liviu.

Nevermind the hardware, this is probably a software problem. Might be malware related, check for adware and such. Also check for plugins in your browser that you did not install yourself and things like non-standard toolbars. In task management you can look for the processes that consume disk access time and processor capacity, it might give you a clue on what's wrong.

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