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A general-purpose audio device that transmits low audio frequencies to your ears.

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How to wire subwoofers

New at the car audio I have 2 12 inch svc 4ohm subs and 2 dvc 6.5 4ohm subs what's the best way to hook them up and what kind of amp should I use

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Please have a look at this instructable

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Know a little I never got into the channel amps and I'm sure I need more then one I'm thinking about another amp I have I mono amp now for the 12s

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As long you amplifier can handle 8 ohms - you should be more than fine with both subwoofers on one amp. Using 2 different amps you could have muck ups with sinc witch could cause delays on other sub.

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Well the I have now is a boss 1100 riot mono so I have to get a 2 channel amp ?

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