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28 horsepower 70 Series tractor by John Deere

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440 front end loader will not raise up or down.

My 440 loader on my JD 870 tractor suddenly stopped going up or down. The cylinders are trying because it will move about 1 inch. I checked and added fluid but still doesn’t work. The John Deere store said it is not necessary to bleed the lines. What else should I look at.

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Internal seals are bypassing fluid pressure, time for a rebuild.

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Hello, if it is a double acting cylinder it sounds like one is blocked. This means if you try to lift up the loader one pipe gives the pressure and the other is open for the fluid which comes back from the cylinder.

Check the connectors of the pipes my be one is not connected an so it can’t flow the fluid or a valve is blocked.

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Check lower right side pull out arm. I just got my tractor and that little arm had to be moved out to a different setting in order for the front loader to work.

I do not have an operator’s manual so I am learning by messing with controls.

Wish I had a operator’s manual.

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Are you sure the quick connections are all attached. Mine did that because the hose caught something and disconnected. If they’re pressurized they’ll look connected but won’t be and you’ll have to wait until the pressure is gone to reconnect properly

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