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También conocido como Samsung Galaxy J1 Duos, con dos ranuras para tarjeta SIM. Anunciado en enero de 2015.

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How to recover deleted text

how do i recover a deleted text

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There are a few different software programs that will allow you disk access via USB to your device from a Windows or Mac based system. Some are somewhat predatory in that they will show you your deleted files (getting you excited and hopeful) but then requiring you to pay a license fee in order to continue. Some developers go so far as to post questions on sites like this to drive traffic to their scams. If you Google search "recover deleted text Galaxy J1" you'll find the various options. As for which ones are good or bad or free...sorry I can't help you. But the answer to "how" is get some software and connect to a computer. Good luck!

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To retrieve your lost data back, you need third-party software. Samsung Data Recovery developed by Coolmuster is one of the best Samsung Galaxy recovery tools.

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