The Nerf Maverick is one of the most popular guns in the company's lineup and is beloved for its simplicity and ease of use.

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Darts stuck up in chamber

On firing, the plunger moves ahead, but the dart does not come out.

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Is it possible to put you finger over the chamber hole behind the revolver? Mine is modded so that the revolver swings out further, so I don't know if you could reach it normally. If you can, check to make sure it blows air out when you fire, or you may have a plunger issue. If it does blow out air out, make sure you are using Nerf brand darts, and that the barrels in the revolver are free of any debris or grime that could be blocking the darts.

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Check the teardown guide Nerf N-Strike Maverick Teardown as well and make sure the spring and the plunger line up the way they are supposed to ...Happy hunting..


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it is possible that the darts that you are using are to large for the chamber and or barrel of the gun.

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