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A general-purpose audio device that transmits low audio frequencies to your ears.

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My subs not giving bass as I expected

Previously I had one 10 Jl audio bassWedge and another one was Eclipse 12 both subs were around 500rms and my amp is kenwood 1000w peak and 500rms this combination was awesome amazing bass all over, however, recently I bought twin 12'' kicker comps series sub and the issue I'm having is I'm not getting much bass as I used to and when I turn the volume up my car lights dims which not used to happen before so what is wrong and how I can fix it?

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Sounds like your battery is bad, alternator not charging, upgrade battery to higher capacity or run additional auxiliary battery. Are you running the speakers at 2ohms this wiring configuration will demand more power to drive the amps. Confirm your amp power cable size 4awg or larger is good add AUDIO CAPACITORS 1farad or higher rating to your amps should prevent headlights from flickering. Have your battery tested under load, confirm your alternator is charging your battery properly. Check all ground wires to your amps. Bad ground will reduce power to your amps. If all else fails have a reliable audio shop look at your setup.

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My amp wiring is 8awg and I'll try to upgrade it to 4awg. Anyway, yesterday I just realised that fuse is melting from amp side(like there are 2 sides one side goes to battery other towards amp the side towards amp) is that happening because of new subs and load or what?

Hope to hear soon Thank you

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Looks like the wire is to small gage to handle the amps power demands. Check connections or lose cables clamps. Clean battery terminals thouroughly high resistance will cause the wire to heat up, danger wires overheating may cause a vehicle fire. On your main amp wiring from the battery you should have the proper size Inline fuse connection approx 2ft from the battery in the engine compartment this is a required safety measure to protect your vehicle not your amps. Keep the inline fuse away from high temp heat sources such as the exhaust manifold.

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make sure your power wires aren't excessively long as does sound like you are running them into a 2ohm or lower load though.

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