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Repair guides and support for the ZTE n817, also known as the ZTE Quest.

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How do I install in full detail the magnetic sensor so the GPS Compass

I have a ZTE N817 Quest phone & I'm trying to get the magnetic sensor(s) so that the GPS Compass (as well as any other resources I haven't tried so far) will function; however, I'd need EXTREMELY EXPLICIT instructions on what to do to accomplish this task.

Also, for some reason when I make a call on the phone & wish to end it, I've tried pressing END at the bottom of the screen but that doesn't seem to work. I contacted my customer service area & was told to simply press the lower button on the right side of the phone - why shouldn't the END command on the unit function? Is there some way to enable it?

Another question concerns the sensitivity of the unit: As I'm speaking with the phone against my face, it seems that I'm inadvertently pressing keys so I hear numerous beeps. I was again told to press that same button lightly & that would alleviate the sensitivity. When I tried that, of curse, I disconnected the call so there must be something wrong somewhere!

I'd greatly appreciate someone's help with these issues. Thank you in advance.

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It sounds like either you have a defective touch screen or a case with improperly placed natural magnets (i.e. if it has a magnetic cover).

Natural magnets will interfere with your screen and create a dead spot. Are you wearing magnetic ear rings or have a case on the phone with magnets?

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Dear SW:

Thank you for your swift answer; however, no I don't wear magnetic earrings or have a case on the phone (although eventually I'd like to have a case for it). I suppose I'll have to call ZTE about the issues & get it

"straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak but thank you again. brbh

- de

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