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Why is my screen black but still shows up on iTunes?

Hi I’m having trouble with a 7plus I had bought of a friend of mine he says he threw the phone and cracked it I got the screen replaced and I seen the battery logo pop up when I powered on the phone then nothing I don’t know what else to do I factory reset the phone and it still won’t show me a thing on my screen please help and I was wondering if this can be the problem.

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The first thing to check is the screen assembly. It is possible that the replacement screen is defective. If you have access to a known-good device or screen you can determine if the problem is phone related or screen related.

Did you disconnect the battery prior to disconnecting the screen? If not, then you may have damaged the backlight circuit. Plug in your device to an iTunes enabled computer and then shine a bright flashlight on the screen. If you can see a dim image, then your backlight is not working. This could be screen related (see above) or logic board related. That's why you need to eliminate the screen as a variable.

If you can't see a dim image, then the problem would be with the LCD driver circuit. Any logic board issue will require a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

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