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A 17.3” gaming laptop by Asus.

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Laptop cannot boot ...during Win 10 upgrade


I own the laptop: 'ASUS ROG Strix GL753VE DS74 HID FHD IPS 17.3 7700HQ '.

Unfortunately during one of the restarts of necessary for applying the latest major Windows 10 updates, it just stopped working...

When I say it is not working I mean when it is powered up it is not booting at all and I suspect it does not even recognize its bios..

Is there anything I can do?

I cannot even get into safe mode or even to the bios...



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Can you provide the error log?

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Unfortunately -as I mentioned- I cannot boot..

When I hit the power button the keyboard is lit up along with the power indicator but... that's it.

Nothing is movie after and it is a there is no bios or any kind of booting process going on.

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As it is difficult to remove the battery to do a static discharge you can remove the ram. Once youve removed the ram try to boot the computer and see if theres an error coming up . Once you have the error message reinstall one stick of ram and try to boot . if you get no joy there then remove that stick of ram and install the other and boot . If you can get the battery disconnected with no power cord connected hold the power button down for 2 minutes to discharge the system . If you can access the cmos battery disconnect it as well. Doing this should give you a clean boot . If none of this brings joy then remove the hard drive and see if you get anything at all on a boot .You may also want to try using an external monitor just to check that the screen hasnt failed . Hope something here helps

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Hi Menelaos,

Have you fixed it yet?


Hold F2 down and press power button - KEEP holding F2 until BIOS comes up.

Or same with

Hold ESC key, etc.

Is this what you did?

Probably a video driver problem.

One of the keys to upgrading to W10 is a thorough updating of everything (drivers, apps, etc. BEFORE attempting) the update.

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Hello Mike,

thank you for your message.

I have tried all of your suggestions and unfortunately did not seem to work.

It was behaving as the BIOS/UEFI was not even posting..

I tried with a different monitor, took of the RAM stick, hold the power button for more than 2 minutes...

All of these while plugged in the electricity and while only on battery.

Eventually I sent the laptop to ASUS Netherlands since I have guarantee on that and I am expecting it back during the next couple of days.

I am curious as to what it might have been and I will try to find out in case there is not a direct explanation/report along with the package that I will receive.

kind regards


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