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También conocido como SNES Mini, SNES 2 o SNES Jr, este es el rediseño compacto del Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Fue lanzado en Norteamérica el 20 de octubre de 1997.

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Led light is on, but nothing else works.

Led light burns, but nothing else.

How can I check if a snes is actually broken?

I recently bought a pretty cheep snes, it was missing several kabels. I still had some kabels, and tried hooking it up. Following a guid, because I had not done so before.

But the it wouldn't turn on. It does have a working led-light, so I know it has power.

All the voltages check out as well so I couldn't have killed the snes.

I would like to check if there is something wrong with either the way I tried to set it up, or the kabels, or even the tv.

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You should repost this question under the other SNES category, maybe you’ll get some answers there. This model of the SNES doesn’t have an LED light because it is the cheaper budget version.

But my advice would be to first check the connection to the television. Are you using the composite (red-yellow-white) cable connection, or the RF (gray box with screw cable) connection? I have had RF connections go bad with my SNES that make it seem like it is not working.

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