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Can Make Calls, But Cant Hear Them


i have a iphone 7 where i can make calls but i cant hear them at all when either using the earpiece or when i plug in headphones. the speaker option is also greyed out.

i have gone in to DFU and restored/updated the phone but there has been no change.

any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you

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Hello the IC Audio have to be soldering again no matter how many times you restore or reset device it will stay in the same this is something that 7-7+ are having

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well that is not ideal, but it was the answer i was looking for. thanks for that!

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It definitely sounds like a faulty soldering on the Audio IC chip and this can be fixed by the jumper wire - reball method.

A somewhat difficult task if you are not familiar with this type of repair level.

I have fixed 5 phones with this exact same issue, already fixed.

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