Replaced 98 C1500 with 96 GMC steering column, Problem with secuirty w


I recently replaced the steering column in my 98 chevy c1500. I had to do

this because the cylinder was ruined and we could not get it out even with


So we went to the junk yard and got a 96 gmc steering column that is like

99% identical.

The problem we soon realized was that the 96 gmc steering column did not

have the security wire plug in. (we kept the same wiring hardness form the

last coulmn.)

Now the vehicle will turn over for a second, but then it shuts itself off. We

have tried splicing the wires together in an attempt to bypass, we haven't

tried and ohms resistor. Not quite sure if this will fix the problem or if it is

even possible.

Possible solutions are to replace the wriing harness and see if that fixes the

problem, not sure if it will or not. I just need a way to permanently bypass the

security wire.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Is this the same problem ?

Need to turn off passlock


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