The ZTE Blade Spark is a prepaid AT&T device released in July of 2017 and can be identified by the model number: Z971

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frozen on a blue screen

when i power my zte blade on it freezes on a blue screen. It was acting funny, couldnt hardly hear me when i made phone calls, keeps acting like its restarting itself. so u I shut it off and going to turn it back on. when I turned it on it started fine then right after logo came on it went to a blue screen with a tiny, very tiny white dot in the middle and thats where its froze

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Hi Sandy,

As a last resort, the phone can be factory reset.

1. Press and hold the power and volume up button.

2. When boot window appears use the volume up and down button to navigate through the menu.

3. Hover over "wipe data/factory reset" and press the home button once.

4. Confirm the reset when prompted.

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