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Un teléfono inteligente Android de Samsung para el mercado asiático, conocido por muchos números de modelo, lanzado en diciembre de 2014.

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Battery expanded upon charging, haven't used for a long time.

From a previous post: Phone dropped in sea water

Hi again, apparently the galaxy a5 mentioned in the previous post above, was already dipped in rubbing alcohol by the previous owner.

Upon charging, the battery expanded, I quickly unplugged it

and store it inside a bubble wrapped box, few minutes later, the battery somehow returned to its previous state and current

My question is it safe to use temporarily for a few minutes

(want to test if the touchscreen and speaker is working)

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Here is a helpful article about swollen batteries:

I would HIGHLY advise against using the battery, even for a few minutes. iFixit sells a replacement battery here: Galaxy A5 (2015) Battery. It is $20, which is a cheap insurance policy against the danger of fire and explosion. Here is a good article about the dangers of Li-ion batterys, and includes what to do when a battery overheats:

Imagen de Galaxy A5 (2015) Battery


Galaxy A5 (2015) Battery


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