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A smart tablet manufactured in 2013 by Samsung.

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Window Msg: Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped

I've tried restart but no effect

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Try this and let me know..

Settings > Application Manager (or equivalent) > Find google play store/Service > clear cache > clear data > uninstall any updates it may have > disable and enable

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Thanks, for the effective and simple solution without the off putting techie talk

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This worked but you must go through it a few times, and then it clears.Thanks.

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Nope, doesn't work.

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i trt but i can not.

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Hi Art, it is a very common problem. I would suggest you to try some of these methods below.

  • Rebooting Android to fix the error
  • Updating the Google Play services app
  • Clear the Google Play services app cache
  • Disable Google Play services
  • Uninstall and reinstall Google Play services updates
  • Wipe device cache
  • Using Play Services Fix Info app"

I am sure these potential solutions will help to resolve this issue of google play services stopped.

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