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The completely redesigned Optima, sharing the same platform as its sibling Hyundai i40, named the Kia K5 in the South Korean and China market, made its world debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show.

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Why has my reverse camera stopped showing a picture?

When I put the car in reverse, the dash display shows the electronic grid, but is no longer showing a picture of the back of the car and what is behind the car.

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Hi Bill, I had the same problem, and after a month the grid also did not apear anymore, It is caused by moised in the camera , (and a fuse ) The solution is a new camera, however not the Original camera (this costs 250 dollar) you can order a camera at WISH €11,- and solder it on the connector wich came from your old camera.

I made pictures of the wirring so if you need futher instructions let me know

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