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This receiver is Bluetooth Ready, has 110 Watts x 5 Direct Energy Amplification and is iPad / iPhone Certified with supplied cable

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Receiver won't turn on due to an electrical brown-out.

Actual unit is a VSX-815K and was working great until the area suffered an electrical brown-out. The device started to blink as if in stand-by and now won't turn on. I've unplugged it but no help. It appears to have a fried board. I hate to throw it out if there's a simple fix, but they want to charge $160 just to look at it. Thanks for any help.

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@tqcon possibly a shorted component or bad caps. Try a reset first.

Use this procedure to reset all the receiver's settings to the factory default. Use the front panel controls to do this.

1 Switch the receiver into standby.

2 While holding down the TONE button,press and hold the STANDBY/ON button for about three seconds.

3 When you see RESET? appear in the display, press ENTER .OK? shows in the display.

4 Press SYSTEM SETUP to confirm.OK appears in the display to indicate that the receiver has been reset to the factory default settings.

If that does not work you most likely have an issue with the power supply.

The only way to make determination is by you disassembling it and take a look at all the components (focus on the power supply). Post plenty of pictures with your question so we can see what you see.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @tqcon ,

To add to the good answer above here is a link to the service manual for your receiver.

To download the file:

When the sentence directly below the Document preview box changes from This file is downloadable free of charge: ...processing... to This file is downloadable free of charge: Get Manual, click on the Get Manual, as this is the download link. Be patient, it takes a little while to find the file.

Like all good service manuals it has full schematics, board layouts, block diagrams and parts list etc..

Hopefully this is of some help.

- de

Thanks to both of you. I did try the reset, as stated above, but it didn't work.

I'm concerned that it may be out of my league, but will check into it. I have a grandson Electrical Engineer that may be able to help me out.

- de

Well if you hear it turn on but the screen doesn't come on could just be the screen went out?

- de

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