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iPhone 7 No front camera plastic holder/bracket/clip in replacement

Hi all,

I'm currently in the process of replacing the screen on my Iphone 7. Starting to reassemble the front camera and noticed that the replacement screen doesn't have the two plastic holders/brackets for the front camera and proximity sensor (see link) like my old screen does. Is this going to be a problem? Is it possible to transfer them over from the old screen (they seem to be stuck on there pretty tightly...)? If I have to purchase these how do I attach them, would an adhesive of some kind be necessary?

Thanks in advance

In case you don't know which parts I mean!

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You could try to reassemble the Front Camera flex without these brackets to see if everything lines up correctly (test the sensors). The risk is that as the phone gets jostled or dropped, the sensors and camera may move out of alignment.

You can order the brackets separately and stick them in place with a tiny drop of liquid adhesive. You need to make certain that the adhesive doesn't get on the window .

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Use an isesamo to carefully pry those off. Heat on the front side of the screen may be helpful.

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