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La Nikon D7000 es una DSLR de 16,2 megapíxeles lanzada en 2010.

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Why is my memory full

My Nikon D7000 diplays full when I try to take pictures.I had been fiddling with the buttons and I think I accidently pressed something . I have a 8gb memory card and only 200 pictures in my camera . The memory card had been working well up until now .HELP

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Your memory card is probably faulty.Try using another one

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Most times its the SD Card get yourself several good high Quality #10 32 GB SD Like Sandisk. I’ve been using the same cards since I got the camera back in 2010 I have shot over 25,000 photos I recently replace my SD card with 64 GB (that the largest you can use in the Camera). also you can set the Top Card just to store RAW and the bottom one to Store Jpgs.

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