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Manuales completos de reparación de todas las computadoras de tabletas portátiles por Apple. Podrá ser que las reparaciones necesiten calor y cuidadosa separación de tipo palanca.

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Ipad screen unresponsive after being dropped

I had accidentally dropped my iPad and it hit the floor on its side. The buttons still work, but the screen is unresponsive and there's a bunch of white lines across it. What should I do? I'd like to avoid having to go to someone to get it repaired since we don't have a lot of money for that, so any suggestions are welcome.

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Hey Emi,

It sounds like your digitizer and LCD are both broken. This means that you will need a full screen replacement, unfortunately. However, you can do this yourself for much cheaper than a repair store can. Just let me know what model of iPad you have, and I can direct you to the right resources for repair.

Hope this helps,


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Oh yikes, that does not sound good at all. If it helps, I have an iPad mini 4.

- de

From apple, it costs $299 according to Using iFixit parts and guides, it would cost $176.98 excluding shipping according to iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi Screen and Digitizer Replacement. From my experience, I would reccomend buying your parts from iFixit or, rather than ebay, as they both have high quality parts (moblie defenders does have some cheaper options, though. However, you would need to individually buy some iFixit tools). Depending on how far away you live, you could mail it to me and I could fix it for you at the cost of the parts (I'm starting a small business and I am looking for more experience). I already have most of the tools, so it would be a little cheaper that the $176.98 price tag.

Hope this helps!

- de

iPads are tricky to open up without the right tools; however, if you get it open, the repair is fairly straightforward (with the help of iFixit's awesome guides, or course). To heat up the device, I use a LCD seperator, which is essentially a glorified hot plate, set at about 78 degrees C , and a flat metal pry tool (they go by many names).

It may be as simple as a loose connection, in which case just re plugging in the digitizer and LCD would solve the problem. As noted above, the more expensive route is replacing the LCD and digitizer.

If the LCD is still usable, it may be worth keeping, since the LCD can be quite pricey, and this would keep costs down.

Amazon has some reasonably priced parts with honest reviews and fast shipping, though the ifixit parts have the added bonus of shipping with tools for the job.

One last thing, I've been fixing iPads for years now, and to this day I still run into snags while fixing them. (compared to almost zero snags with other devices) So I urge you to use extreme caution when opening the device.

Best of Luck!

- de

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