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The Kia Sorento is a mid-size crossover SUV (mid-size SUV in its first generation) produced since 2002 by the South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors.

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2008 Kia Soranto periodic problem- turn key,no start

turn key no start. Try many times, dash lights come on as normally. I go to "fuse/relay box" unplug relay and push back in, juggle all of them, try start sometimes still nothing then go back to "box" and repeat and seems to help and starts. Same problem for about 2 years. Took it to Kia Dealer , they could find nothing wrong. Problem still continues every few days. Problem?? How to repair?

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Assuming you are jiggling the fuse box in the cabin. I am thinking it may be your TCCS fuse. This controls 3 separate entities on your vehicle, one of them in particular. TCS - Traction control = won't cause a no start.

ESC- Electronic spark control = Can cause a no start issue if it is faulty.

Immobiliser = Can shut you out of vehicle control. However if Immo is bad vehicle will sometimes start then immediately stop, then fail restart.

Get your vehicle scanned, test and replace that fuse. #14, 20 Amp.

Check every fuse in your cabin fuse box and under bonnet/hood fuse box. Replace all faulty or suspect ones. With your vehicle running (eventually) touch test all your relays, if they are abnormally hot. Change them out as they are faulty. (This is a backyard method without proper diagnostic equipment.) Mark them with an X if they are faulty then move on to the next one. Later when you have checked them all, and turned off the engine. You know which ones to swap out.

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