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Convert AUX to Bluetooth Audio?

So I have a different way I setup my subwoofer into my car. I have a Chevy Volt and I did not want to take off the dashboard to connect a subwoofer as there is no dedicated subwoofer rca plug on the radio box. And I can't buy a new one because there is no place to put it. So I went ahead and took an rca to aux cord from the subwoofer amp that connects to a splitter which connects to my phone. Then the splitter also goes to my car aux input. So I have my phone splitting the aux into the subwoofer and the car radio.

Onto my question, is there any way to make this wireless? I am tired of messing with wires and want to somehow make the aux bluetooth. I know there are tons of bluetooth recievers but they are all bluetooth to male aux. Can I just use one of of those then convert it to female aux?

Has anyone done anything like this?

Thank you.

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You can use a Bluetooth receiver to do what you’ve described. Here’s one that should work:

You’ll also need a splitter to go from the Bluetooth receiver to your car stereo and your amplifier. However, a much better solution would be to use a high-to-low-level adapter that connects your car stereo to your amplifier. You can attach the hi-to-lo adapter to either the front or rear speakers, or to the speaker wires coming from behind the car radio. An adapter like that will be a cleaner solution and also allow you listen to your sub with the radio or anything else playing from your car’s stereo.

Here’s an adapter that should work with your amplifier:

And you can still use the Bluetooth adapter listed above to connect your phone to your car stereo wirelessly.

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