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iPhone 7 Stuck On Apple Logo / No Booting

I have an iPhone 7 jailbroken with match portal. I was using my phone and it randomly shut off and it is stuck on the white apple logo. I have tried restarting the phone multiple times holding the volume down and power button but it goes right back to the Apple logo. iTunes does detect the iPhone but it says I need to enter in my passcode to access it which I can't. I don't have money to go to workshop. Any help (ifixit guide/tutorial/video/tips) would be greatly appreciated.

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Before throwing it to the bin, check if you can handle the repair:

How to fix an iPhone 7 stuck / hanging on a logo

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Same issue here, phone landed in the trash. You should do the just as I did.

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Don't be so hasty, I've posted solution. OP find it useful, you should also resolve your trouble :)


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Hey asik,

I have this same problem. I have a red iPhone 7 but it is always stuck on black, and when I try to turn it on it stays on the apple logo loading screen.

I took it to Apple INC. and they couldn't do anything, they kept sending me to random places that could "Fix your phone" but it never worked, i ended up buying a brand new iPhone 6s cause the older models work better.

I suggest you get a new phone or something.

- Hazey

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