MacBook Pro shows no signs of power

I have a 15" Macbook Pro retina that wont turn on. Charging light is green, only when I unplug the battery the charging light will turn orange, but either way the unit does nothing when I press the power button, no fans no sound no power. Any ideas out there what this problem may be? Tried SMC and PRAM resets

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There are many things that would cause this problem. Normally the charging light should be green without the battery plugged in or the battery is full. If the light color as you said, this could be the power module (where the charging cable connects to the laptop).

Has any liquid been spilled on the keyboard, or has any liquid got into the laptop? If any liquid spilled on the keyboard it would damage the keyboard so that the switch can’t connect the power to start the laptop.

You can try to disconnect the keyboard and reconnect it. If the logic board failed I am afraid that there is nothing you can do apart from replacing it.

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