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La Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, comercializada como New Nintendo 3DS XL, se lanzó el 11 de octubre de 2014 en Japón y el 13 de febrero de 2015 en Norteamérica.

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How do you do a shell swap?

I have a broken top screen for my NEW 3ds and I figured I would replace my scratched up housing while I have it apart. The problem is there is no tutorial that says how to actually take it apart. Most links I can find point to the iFixit guide but the problem is THAT TUTORIAL DOESN'T ACTUALLY SHOW HOW TO TAKE IT APART!! It shows where the screws are and some of the board but the critical part - how to take the tiny ribbon cables out and most importantly how they go back together isn't there. The iFixit guide takes the circle pad out but instead of showing the rest it's all like "here's whats inside the circle pad" and the next part the board is out. how did it come out??? how do you get the rubberized part of the circle pad out to put into the new shell? none of these questions are answered anywhere.

I can take apart a DS Lite and put it back together with my eyes closed but I can not figure this out.

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This is a more detailed guide showing how to remove everything . Kinda long but is quit detailed

The ifixit page if you need it may be helpful as well

New Nintendo 3DS XL

Hope this helps

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Thank you for that. But it is for the older 3DS not the NEW 3DS. I can find detailed tear downs of the older one. But as you know Nintendo made a few changes on the newer one. For example the NFC antenna for the Amiibo.

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@rodville maybe try posting a question on the Old 3ds section? This is the new section, so you will get answers for the new system. Hope you find an answer!

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