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How do I properly fit a replacement screen with touch IC chip cover?

On the backside of the iPhone 7 screen is a touch IC chip covered by a gray rectangular cover near the LCD and power ribbon cables. On any replacement screen I have bought, the new touch IC chip cover is slightly larger than the OEM one. The problem is the area inside the phone where this chip cover fits does NOT have a whole lot of wiggle room. Sometimes, I get can the cover to fit perfectly in that space when inserting the new replacement screen on. Other times, the chip cover won't be fully seated and will press against the back of the LCD causing a pressure point on the front side.

Any recommendations for getting the chip cover to fit perfectly every time? Has anyone taken off the OEM chip cover and replace the non-OEM cover with it? Could you just pop off the non-OEM chip cover and simply place it in the small area inside the phone where it should fit and it'll naturally cover the touch IC chip without it actually being glued on? The 7 Plus phones have more wiggle room for this chip cover, so I've never ran into problems with that model.

Update (03/13/2018)

This piece here.....:

Block Image

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I have had this same issue with parts from, and I believe that you're referring to the IC on the back of the screen that sits between the bottom of the logic board and the top of the loud speaker when seated? I returned them all back to Fixez and now I buy parts from here. They are way more pricey, but have yet to find an issue with any of the screens I have ordered. Trying to force one of these screens in results in touch issues and a spongy feel on the bottom right side when the screen is seated. I have also ordered a few from iNerdz parts and have had no issues and they are cheaper.

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Also if you're wondering why this happens, it's because the place you purchased the screen from does not have the correct dimensions of their aftermarket products. Nothing you can really do on your part but just send it back.


Consider Mobile defenders for screen supplier, heard good things about them.


Have you ordered from them? I have heard good things as well. Just don't want to order a batch of 10 screens and have them all be off like I did with Fixez. I would keep ordering from here, it's just way too expensive for a college student haha.


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