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The MSI GS60 6QE Ghost Pro 4K is a high performance gaming laptop.

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No display on my machine after 2 previous repairs.

My machine is still under warranty.

I've had 2 previous repairs from their authorised repairers.

1st repair: *trackpad stopped working*

Replaced: Trackpad, Trackpad Mylar, Trackpad cable, FPC and battery.

I sent this back as the trackpad wasn't seated properly, and a key on the keyboard didnt work.

2nd repair: *trackpad not seated right, and key not working*

Replaced: MAINBOARD and Battery? *AGAIN*?

Now the machine is powering on (lights come on, fans are on, but no display. Neither on external).

MSI Won't accept a return / replacement or refund as they say it must be repaired 3x in order to have this even as an option.... Is this right?

Kind regards,

Karlan P

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Yeah, that’s correct about the refund, it’s dumb.

I’ve tried all the basic unplug power off nonsense, I’d much rather get it repaired under warranty, let it break again and get a refund haha. Weird system they have

- de

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You tried to send them again, for the third time ? If I understood correctly, they don't accept a refund because it wasen't repaired 3 times ?

You have any experience in electronics ? take the graphics card and test the capacitors, diodes, mosfets and transistors, probably the graphics card is dead, but you will void the warranty...

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