SMC CHIP, battery, or logicboard? What would you do?

I have a weird 11" 2Ghz i7 8GB 256gb ssd 1536 video memory (the best 11" air you could buy in 2012 I think) wont bootup if it sits overnight UNLESS I do an smc reset and then itll boot right up off and on all day. When I wakeup rinse and repeat. It did have a trackpad issue so I replaced that and ordered a new battery (wont come for a week) but mine still holds a great charge (3-4 hrs) but thought it might be the cause of this smc needing reset all the time after powered off for several hours... What do you pros think? Bad battery or smc chip or logic board bad? OR have a new smc chip soldered on the board? I hate to have to replace it because its such a little powerhouse but I dont know if it'd be worth replacing the logic board or not on....if I could get one for 250-300 i think I'd go for it or if I could get the smc chip replaced on the board for a fair labor charge I'd prob do that but not sure how to tell what it is. Chip, battery, or logic board...any ideas?

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