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Lanzado en 2017, el JBL E45BT son audífonos supra aurales inalámbricos con Bluetooth 4.0 y controladores de 40 mm, clasificados para 16 horas de duración de la batería.

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Left side of headphones is quieter

The left side of my jbl headphones is quieter after a fall...but when using the headphones.....when i apply pressure on the left earcups ..louder sound is heard than when not applying pressure...what can i do to fix this??

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Hence i tried findingpossible problems...but nothing..

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Hi, I had the exact same problem.

The reason for this, was that I didn't properly connect the audio cord to the headphones. You have to push it in with greater force.

I'd be glad to know if this helped :)

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Actually the headphone is bluetooth and whether i use a cable or not same problem..;) i d be happy if u have another suggestion.. thx for the suggestion though

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I have the same problem

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I think it just broke a little bit but you can fix it by going into the settings of the device your using and change the volume in the left and right headphones

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I had the same problem after a lot of a use (often out with my dog rainy nights, freezing temperatures in the winters, and such) and it turned out that the driver solder connections had gone bad. Resoldering solved the issue almost two years ago, still going strong!

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