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Inaccurate GPS despite new flexi cable

Hi all,

I have an issue with my iphone 6. The GPS was playing so I've replaced the flexi as well as the wifi antenna(second time in 6 months).

However, despite new flexi cable, it's still very inaccurate. Things I have tried so far:

Hard reset

reinstalled google maps

reset network settings

reset gps settings

Nothing seems to work. I'm wondering if I have to refit the antenna or something. How do i know if if its fitted correctly or is there anything that I should looking for when taking it apart?

Any advise would be much appreciated

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Your problem could be logic board based. If you have already changed antennas a few times, I would suggest that the problem is not antenna based as they should not fail and certainly shouldn't fail more than once. Take a look at this link to see pictures of where the GPS functions are located and closely inspect your logic board to make sure nothing is obviously wrong.

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Thanks for the answer. I will take a look tomorrow at the board. Will report back


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Of course I will. No problem


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