The Blade ZTE E is an Android platform smart phone released in 2013 (Model: V956).

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Forgot screen lock password how can I get into my phone

I put a password on my zte blade but I can not remember it how can I get into my phone now

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With all do respect, how do I know that the device is not reported lost or stolen? Not saying you stole the device, but this may not be the appropriate site to ask on how to get into phone that is locked.

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Inhave had my phone for apalmost a yr now i bough it refurbished and had never had a problem with it well me and my ex girlfriemd broke up recently and she has hacked into my emails amd changed the password on them my facebook and did the same well my and when i came in the house the last day she was here she reset my phone and since she chsnged my passwords to ny email i cant get back into my phone its been a nightmare trying to deal with her chilish behavior and i really like this phone since i bough it refurbished the button in the back isnt adtuve but i still like the phone and would like to keep it becuase i think its gomma be hard to sell anyway since i cant unlock it how can i do this im at the point to where im about to start removing hardware inside just to access my things plus im kimda strugglin at the moment cuz she moved out thank god and she refused to gibe me my passwords ti my accounts and phone pls help


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Ypu can forget the data... make hard reset, all delete and use like new phone.... is only one way i think...

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