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An upgrade to the HP Chromebook 11 G4. Released in Q4 2016, with a retail price of ~$170. Low end, plastic body. Runs Chrome OS

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Screen is not working on HP Chromebook 11

Screen is black, plugged into a monitor and computer is still working. Can the screen disconnect?

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Yes, the wire connecting the motherboard to the screen can pull loose at either end.

Most of the time I find that it pulls loose from the back of the screen. To fix this, you have to:

open the screen bezel

unscrew the screen

lay it down gently

push the connector in to ensure it's tight

place a piece of scotch tape or electrical tape on the wire to ensure it holds in place

reattach the screen and then test it by powering on the chromebook

If the screen still doesn't power up, it could be the other end of the wire has come loose. or it could be the screen has died.

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