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Phone says No Service after a Phone Restore

Basic Stats of the phone:

Worked fine for about a Year,

No Water Damage

No Physical Damage

All potential diagnostic that is feasable from both carrier and civilian part has been done and taken care of.

Diagnostic from the Apple Part is not fully clear yet, will be going back for a second turn soon.

Iphone 6S

Prognosis :

My phone has gone to a "No Service" as of the last time I restored. Whenever I restore the network setting, it picks up the carrier for about 10 seconds, then goes back to "No Service."

And previously I have had been able to get cellular data through, but no calling since there was "No Service," (So I get LTE internet but no Calling) and the service provider said that "It's an Ios Issue, where many phones been locked out due to 'apple stuff' and making not possible for my carrier and the iphone to communicate, and Apple needs to reset their setting in an internal software level" (Not from the settings network reset but from apple shop site stuff)

I go to apple store, first thing they say is "Oh your phone probably needs replacement, it's-" I call a whole lots of bullcrap, the phone was running fine just before the restore, I was able to get consistent data through with no calling ability as stated above, until I restored it again, then that was also gone.

Personal Fact:

I'm also a computer technician. So no need to hold back on your juicy informations y'all have.

Future Action that will be taken soon :

I am planning on going back to an apple shop, and asking for a different technician. The guy didn't seem to know jack squat. Said that after a restore, you "Have" to have cellular data to go through the initialization stage even if you have wifi data. What kind of bull is that? Jesus.

Tl;Dr : After iPhone Restore, Cellular is gone.

Was able to get LTE, but no call for a bit,

I have done all sorts of basic troubleshooting.

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The "No Service" error in the 6S series does not have a straightforward solution, like the iPhone 6 series phones. There are a lot of IC's that are responsible for the GSM radios and any one of them can be the root cause here.

You've already tried a lot of different things, at this point I would consider that you have a logic board issue and the phone needs to be looked at by an experienced micro-solderer.

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You've done a bit which is great, this is a pretty common issue. I reckon i get 2-3 people every couple weeks come in with the same issue. I haven't figured out a way to fix this yet, i have replaced charge ports (antennas) service cables etc with no luck. The only one i have done i put the SIM in and out about 80 times until it worked. I know i'm not a lot of help but i honestly think getting it replaced if possible would be your best course of action

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