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The Bose SoundLink III, released February 2014, is the 3rd generation of Bose's SoundLink Mobile speakers. It is a modern, minimalist Bluetooth-capable portable speaker.

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Battery symbol flashing red when plugged in and wont charge

My Bose Soundlink III speakers were working perfectly a couple of days ago. Today I decided to use them but they were out of charge so I plugged them in using the provided charging plug, cable and socket as everytime before. They will not charge at all and the battery light flashes red constantly.

I have left them to charge for 5 hours but this did not work. I have since performed a restart by holding down the mute button for 10 seconds until all the symbols flashed white. Still nothing.

Does anyone know what is wrong with them? It is really annoying as they are only a couple of years old and have been treated really well. Plus they were working only a few days ago.

I have now gone to charge them because th

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Batteries lose their capacity to hold as much charge as they used to over time. sounds like it needs a battery replacement. Bose Soundlink III Battery Replacement

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Last time I used it it lasted 5-6 hours which is what it has always done, seems odd it would just stop working for no apparent reason


does it work while on the charger?


No not at all annoyingly


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