Broken two power supply units in 6 weeks

Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate some help on this problem.

The power supply on my PS4 (model CUH 1216A) went bang early in January this year . The machine wasn't turning on (no response at all) and replacing the PSU with a genuine item from eBay fixed my issue. I'm now just over a month since replacing the original PSU and my PS4 made a loud popping sound and is completely unresponsive... again. I suspect it might be the fuse on the PSU but something is obviously causing it to go.

I have the PS4 on a surge protected extension power lead, which also has my TV and Virgin Media box plugged into it - none of these have had any problems at all.

The PS4 wasn't warm at all either occassion and is fairly well ventilated. The first time the PS4 hadn't been on longer than 5 minutes, and the most recent time it'd only been on 30 seconds and was stone cold.

So, any thoughts from anyone on what might be causing multiple PSUs to die? Perhaps I'm just unlucky!

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Does your console have bugs in it?


When I opened it up to change the power supply there was no obvious signs of bugs. I live in a place with a cool climate so big bugs, like cockroaches, are uncommon.


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