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The low beams on my 2014 Accent aren't coming on.

A few days ago, I replaced the bad bulb on my headlights. Today, after working for the last few days, I noticed that the low beams are not working. The high beams are working, and everything else seems fine. It is only the low beams that are not. I checked the fuses, they seem to be fine, as far as I can tell.

What could I do to fix this?

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i have the same problem too, on my hundai accent projector lamp…either you put the switch at low beam or high beam, it’s just the same(it’s always giving the high beam), the light that is emitted is at high beam …the problem really here is that, the bulb doesn’t have anything that will put the light into high(making it brighter) because there is only one filament.. actually, the projector lamp has a motor which twist/move the bulb to high and low…it doesn’t really gets bright.. it only change the trajectory of the beamed light. I think, the motor is still in good condition, only that it has a gear which is made up of plastic, which i think has run out of thread, that’s why even if the motor tries to move the trajectory of the beam light, it won’t move because of the problem on gear…I hope Hundai, will give us the solution to the problem..


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Do you mean that both headlamps' (L and R), low beam aren't coming on or only the one that you replaced the bulb on?

Have you checked that the headlamp relay in the engine compartment fuse box is operating?

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Both aren't coming on. I will check that fuse. I checked a few the other night, but it was raining, and I am not that familiar with this part of the car.



It is not a fuse but a relay.

You may be able to swap it with the high beam relay which is also in the same fuse box (see diagram). Perhaps the bad bulb, depending on what its' problem was, may have affected the contacts of the relay

With the engine OFF you may be able to hear it "click" when it operates when the lights are turned on. You'll need someone to help you to do this, as I imagine it is a bit hard to do both at the same time.


I swapped the relay with the horn relay (same kind) and it didn't seem to fix the problem. Because of time and environment issues that is all that I could try at the moment. Do you think it is worth disconnecting the bulb that was replaced, and seeing if the the one on the other side, that was working before comes on again?


If they were halogens, and you touched the bulbs. You've likely burned them out already. They could just be bad from the factory, unlikely but it could happen. Also, just out of curiosity, try the connectors and see if they are a snug fit.



If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) or a 12V test lamp, check that you are getting 12V at the lamp connector when the headlamp switch is operated.

Don't know your vehicle but maybe the ignition key needs to be either in the igniton switch or the ignition switch needs to be switched to accessories for the lights to work, when the engine isn't running if you try this


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