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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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3DS XL Replacement of P6 upper screen connector.


I broke de close pressure line of the upper screen connector on my 3ds xl.

I try with type and plastic under flex, but still not fixed.

What specifications have this connector and where can I buy it?

Thank you

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Could you please tell me the name of the smaller connector out of the 2, that are near the camera connector, and on the bottom side, and how to order it? it has like 30 pins. Thank you

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P6 connectors are readily available and work with a variety of Nintendo models such as DS Lite, 3DS etc.

It is a basic part so you do not need to have specifications, just search for P6 connector for DS Lite or 3DS.

They have 4 surface mount legs to solder and you should find 4 contacts on your screens ribbon cable flex.

Cheap to buy, but they do have to be soldered in so good soldering skills would be needed for this small part.

You can find them on ebay and here


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Hi Kieran,

I speak about upper screen connector on old 3ds xl. Not a tactil connector .

On Motherboard of 3DS XL , connector number is P6.

Screen connector have a security bar to close with contact pressure over upper screen flex. 40 PIN connector for upper screen flex.

Pls, Can i find it? or do you have idea o way to fix pressure on the flex ?

thanks in advanced.

- de


I think you are basically talking about a larger version of a P6 connector, the style of connector usually known as a Zif connector, and you need to replace the upper screen one which is 40 pin right?

I have never seen them available, plus unless you have fanastic soldering skills and ideally top end equipment i think you will struggle to swap the zif connector out.

I think there are really only three options.

1) Get a faulty donor board to recover the zif connector black retainer and carefully remove to transplant to your good board, expensive (buying the donor board) and relies on you being able to finding a donor board

2) Get a new / used working motherboard, more expensive solution.

3) Make the best repair you can using good quality electrical tape, this will only really work if you still have most of the black retaining clip part still. Cheapest option.

I hope this answers the question and helps.


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Hi, Kieran

is just right my problem, replace 41 pin ffc zif connector.

I already di-soldering, but any way, what type of tape can push in clip on flex enough?? Can you recomend some one for it.

Great Thank you.

- de

Sorry for late response, did not seem to get an alert about your post. Electrical tape should be fine, 3M industrial electrical tape is going to be better than generic types.

- de

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