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MacBook Restarting when asleep - defective replacement battery?

I have spent months trying to figure out why my MacBook Pro Retina (2012) keeps rebooting when asleep (lid closed or open) on a near-daily basis. The problem started right after I replaced the original battery with the iFixit Kit.

The mac restarts itself at random times, but only when asleep (it usually reboots twice). It doesn't happen every day, but nearly every day. The resulting crash report is blank. Sometimes doing things like resetting the SMC , PRAM, or booting into safe mode seems to fix the problem for a bit, but eventually it starts up again.

I upgraded to High Sierra around the same time, and spent months thinking the rebooting issue was software related, but since nothing I have tried has seemed to solve the problem, I'm now convinced it has to do with the battery itself.

The reboots occur no matter how charged the battery, and no matter whether the MacBook is plugged in or not, lid open or closed. The only consistent state is that it is asleep and usually for awhile. I've seen that "Power Nap" can be a problem for some machines, but I have toggled that off and on, with no resolution.

The battery itself seems to be functioning as it should, here’s the info from the system report on its health.

  • Model Information:
    • Serial Number: D8622873BQZDNMGAX
    • Manufacturer: SMP
    • Device Name: bq20z451
    • Pack Lot Code: 0
    • PCB Lot Code: 0
    • Firmware Version: 511
    • Hardware Revision: 3
    • Cell Revision: 1150
    • Charge Information:
    • Charge Remaining (mAh): 5767
    • Fully Charged: No
    • Charging: No
    • Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 7944
  • Health Information:
    • Cycle Count: 118
    • Condition: Normal
    • Battery Installed: Yes
    • Amperage (mA): -2389
    • Voltage (mV): 11540

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this issue?

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Does it reboot only when you have it on battery or also when the MagSafe adapter is plugged in?

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Doesn't seem to matter. I MAY have figured it out after all. So far it has been 5 days without a reboot. I needed to delete the ethernet-based networking configurations (and everything other than WIFI, for good measure). I had a feeling that it was somehow related to the machine doing a Wake From Sleep for networking access. I found the suggestion on this forum, actually, but can't find the post any longer. I had long ago turned off the powernap feature, but it seems that something still tries to connect during sleep, and that there is a glitch in the network settings. Which means that the upgrade to HS was the problem, not the battery replacement.

Keeping an eye on it, but if I don't come back here again, it means the problem is solved.

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I'm having this same issue and have tried many 'solutions' I've found on line without success - How do I delete the ethernet based networking configurations?

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(Copied and pasted from IFIXIT- the link didn't show the 'solution' which I thought might be confusing, so I opened it and just pasted that)

Posted: 12/02/2009

I found a very simple fix to the "restart after sleep" problem on the Apple user forum.

1. In System Preferences, open Network preferences.

2. Highlight "Ethernet" or "Built in Ethernet".

3. Click the Minus sign ( - ) (at the bottom of the window just above the unlocked lock icon) to delete the Ethernet configuration.

4. Click the Plus sign ( + ) (at the bottom of the window just above the lock icon) then select "Ethernet" from the menu that appears. Then click "CREATE". (a new Ethernet configuration is created in the left section of the window). Then click "APPLY" on the lower right side of the window.

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I'm a bit skeptical on this approach as an SMC reset would have cleared the Ethernet ports settings held and would have reloaded them from the drive. So this is implying the settings file in its self was corrupted on the drive. The only thing here would be wake on LAN setting so you could remotely access the system when it was off.

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This actually worked for me, and seems to have fixed the issue of rebooting every time it goes to sleep for a longer period of time after the screen is folded down.

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I would review this Apple T/N to make sure the MagSafe adapter and its cord is in good shape: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters. Using a cotton swab (Q-Tip) slightly damp with 85% isopropyl alcohol wipe down the contacts if needed.

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Thanks, Dan, but this isn't related to my problem. The reboots happen whether or not the MacBook is charging/charged/plugged in, and doesn't seem related to how much charge the battery has at the time.

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I would still double check the MagSafe connector interfaces and I would even try disconnecting the DC-In Board so see if that altered things.Its hard to get to underneath the I/O Board.

What can happen is the middle pin shorts with the power causing a transistor on the DC-In board to mess up. The other possibility is the logic board had a liquid spill so one of the MOSFET's winking in and out.

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