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A general-purpose audio device that transmits low audio frequencies to your ears.

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What size alternator and batteries do I need to run 2 bamf1.5000D amps

I have 4 15" subwoofers powered by 2 bamf1.5000D amplifiers. I'm trying to figure out what size alternator I need and what size/ how many/and kind of battery/batteries I'll need? I also have my head unit, component speakers and the rest of the cars electrical system to worry about as well so needless to say I'm lost! Any info will help thank you.

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RMS Power rating of your amp/Voltage and no more than 80% efficient so add 20% to the total amperage calculated before. Calculations for your amp (rated at 1100 Watts per channel @4ohms) would look like this:


20% of 92A= 18Amp

Total 110Amp. Now that is per amplifier. You do need an alternator that can supply this. Since you did not tell us what make and model your vehicle is, we do not know what your stock alternator supplies. I'd go with no less than 270A alternator.

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Do you have any recommendations on where to get one?

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Kyle Still what make and model is your vehicle?

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