Anunciado en Marzo de 2015, y lanzado al mercado el 10 de Abril de 2015, el Galaxy S6 es el nuevo buque insignia en la linea Galaxy. La version curva de su pantalla es conocida como Galaxy S6 Edge.

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How do you go from capacitor numbers to Samsung part numbers?

How do you go from capacitor numbers to Samsung part numbers? I need C7020 and C7046 on the S6 edge (SM-G925A), but cannot figure out the part numbers.

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Cory Weber you will have to do a search by the Samsung part numbers. You'll need the electrical parts list for that.. one good thing with Samsung, their part numbers do cross over and are not always model dependent. For the C7020 I got part number 2203-008876 and a search give me a 2200nF,20%,10V,X5R,TP,0603 package capacitor. C7046 has the same part number thus it is a capacitor of the same value. Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I found the same part number, but I got different specs when I did a seach: 2203-008876 C-CER,CHIP;2200nF,20%,10V,X5R,TP,0603(06 (CAPACITOR FOR MOBILE PHONE). I noticed the service manual had a second pdf cross-referencing the schematic number to the Samsung part number. The Samsung part is 100x more expensive than other brands, and on back order, so it's important to get the specs right if you want to order it from another manufacturer.


I figured it out. The 1608 is the metric equivalent of the imperial 0603. However, by measuring the dimensions of the capacitor and comparing it to the table found on Wikipedia here:

I determined that the package is metric 0603, which would be the equivalent to imperial 0201.

Here is a suitable replacement, which has slightly better specs than the Samsung part:

It has tighter tolerance than the Samsung part( 10% vs 20%). That means it has less variation than the Samsung part.


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