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The following information is intended to help service the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm . The Strongarm was released in 2013 by Hasbro under their Nerf brand.

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Why won’t my barrel turn after I shoot

I had my strong arm for a while and I can’t figure out why when I shoot it the barrel won’t turn and also it creates a loud sound when I shoot it. Very rarely would the barrel turn when I shoot, what should I do?

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It could be that the gears are slipping or worn out

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Should I open it check for a problem?

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Ter ar please u can send it to that can fix it but unles u hav the rite gier u won’t be abol to fix it

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Mine was doing this, and it turns out that the gears were fine, but a screw post that holds the gear assembly together had split such that the assembly was slipping.

Attempting a repair with epoxy, but expect to have to find parts somewhere, or build a new mechanism.

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