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Ventilador de escritorio Delonghi VLT 1000. El ventilador de escritorio VLT1000 de 35cm es de acero inoxidable, con 3 velocidades y una posición vertical ajustable.

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Delonghi Desk Fan - tear down assistance

I have one of these that is about ten years old and there has been a build up of friction from dust or perhaps a lack of lube. Was breaking this down for a clean and lube / oil but cant seem to figure out how to remove the swing control knob. It is the last piece to the puzzle for removing the motor and bearing housing. I have tried to unscrew it both anti-clockwise and clockwise (which only seems to unlock / lock it to the swing motor shaft. as you would expect), but it seems to be held in by something else. There are no screws or bolts visible and I have had a feel around for a circlip but doesn't seem to be one (and no room for one really). Has anyone got experience with these fans and have an idea how to remove? thanks

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You just need to pull hard to dislodge it.

Update (02/02/2018)

Only the circular spring is holding it in place.

Here is how the knob and oscillating assembly look like inside.

Block Image

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Perfect, thanks!


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