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Pantalla de 24"; Cámara iSight, micrófono y parlantes incorporados; resolución de 1920x1200. Lanzada en octubre de 2008, identificado por el número de modelo A1267.

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Black screen with power


The monitor was working perfectly last night. Today, the screen won't light up even a little bit.

The cables are ok, power and USB are delivering.

Is it just dead, or is there any way to find a replacement part? If so, what part am I looking for?

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Hello Alan, Ben,

Do you have any solution on this? I got the same issue on mine.



- de

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You'll need to do the flashlight test!

Take a flashlight and place it on the screen at about a 20 degree angle with the monitor turned on and plugged in. Do you see a faint image of your desktop & icons? If you do then we know the displays backlight is in trouble.

Let us know what you find!

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Hi Alan,

Any news on this? A recently acquired 24” Cinema Display is doing the same, no faint image either.

USB, Sound iSight all recognised but not the display. Tried on both iMac and MacBook pro - both work with another monitor on the same ports.



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In your case I would check the power supply lines going to the logic board within the display. If they are at the correct voltages then the logic board has a problem.

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Looks like this questions was answered here more thoroughly: Black Screen with Sound

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