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El Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, también conocido como Bose Wave Radio I, fue lanzado en 1993. Un sistema de radio AM / FM en la encimera con un sintonizador estéreo de alto rendimiento y dos alarmas independientes.

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Total functional failure and no diplay

Radio display reverted from time to one digit "7".

Hit power button and there's now no display or any function at all.

When connecting or disconnecting power cord, there's a short static sound indicating power is at least getting to the unit, but then nothing.

Have replaced battery and cycled connecting and disconnecting power.

Is this repairable?


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I also have this problem.

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Same here...cannot find the Q4. any updates?

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No current and does not turn on

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My Bose is just a Clock , that's the only thing that works, no radio no cd ...

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Hello, I’ve had the same issues. I replaced both the transistor and the regulator just to be safe and got the same symptoms again. My transistor was broken when I tested it outside the board and was not located at the Q4 location like what was said. I had to figure it out my self and realized there is only one transistor in the circuit for that area of the board. researching how to troubleshoot this radio has been !&&*, and I was told some people do this repair and it works and some people do it and it does NOT work, like me. This transistor in question should be a 600mW NPN transistor, any will suffice? Maybe… I used a 2N3904 (626mW NPN) and it didn’t work. I’m anxious to get this fixed for a family friend whos possessor passed away. I need help, I’ve been an aerospace tech for a long time, so I know my practices were safe.

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+5 V voltage regulator shorted. Small transistor located Q4 across diode bridge.

Update (03/01/2020)

Hello everyone, for beginning, in this model is few revisions of main board, before fix it try to read schematic. My opinion. If you can tell me what part# you got on your main board, I can send you a copy of it.

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This also resolved my problem. The part was only $1.21 (+ shipping) and very easy to replace! P/n 2SC3792 Sanyo transistor from B+D /Enterprises.

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can't find Q4 on board, were is location

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same...any updates?

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same here? any updates please

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Hello. I have the same problem with my Bose model awr 1-1 w... Total power failure. Was working fine up till yesterday. Saw a single number two which is no longer there on the readout. It crackles when I unplug it. How do I know if it is the Q4transistor you're talking about? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I've just repaired one with a similar issue.

Sometimes you would get an odd character light up on the display, apart from that totally dead.

Turned out to be the capacitor feeding the 12v regulator 35v 1000uf.

I have just uploaded a video on YouTube diagnosing the problem, and repairing it.


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What’s the link on YouTube?

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My Bose wave radio Model AWR1-1W had no sound, no display, and when the power cord was disconnected there was a sound like a needle scratching a vinyl record. It seems these symptoms are common, and many times the fix has been to replace the transistor in the Q4 position on the circuit board. I was able to repair it!! Below are the details in the hopes it will help others.

First thing, i tested the fuse near where the power cord attaches.  Fuse was ok.

I looked up the parts on the NTE Electronics web site. The original transistor is a 2SC3792. This cross references to NTE85. But I read comments online that the 2SC3792 was undersized, which is why it has failed in numerous radios. So i didn’t order the NTE85, even though i read that it works for this.

For some, 2SC2655 has worked as a replacement.  This crosses to NTE2363 which is available.

I read that a Bose tech had recommended a "beefier"part, 2SD438F.  This crosses to NTE382, which is available.

I ended up installing NTE2363.  It's bigger than NTE85, and others have had success using it as a replacement.

Before removing the old transistor, take photos of both sides of the board near the transistor, as a reference. When new transistor arrived i used multimeter to test the new and the old part.  Sure enough, the old part was shorted out. This is a bipolar junction transistor, type NPN. For testing the old transistor after removing it, the pin arrangement (pinout), looking at the flat side of the transistor with leads below (left to right), is E, C, B (Emitter, Collector, Base). Testing instructions can be found online.

The soldering job has an extra twist.  On the top side of the circuit board, there is a wire coming from another component (capacitor?) that has to be soldered to one of the leads.

After i soldered in the new part, the radio still didn’t work.  I did some continuity testing and discovered the middle lead was not connecting to the circuit in the board.  So i added more solder to connect the lead to the “solder bump” along the circuit path.  After this the radio worked.! I almost gave up but perseverance paid off.

In summary, if u test the old Q4 transistor and it's bad, chances are pretty good a new transistor will fix it.  But after soldering, test to make sure the leads are connected to their circuit in the board (see attached drawing).  And make sure the solder from adjacent leads isn’t touching.

Good luck!

Block Image

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Hope this image helps, Mike Casey


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The CD player on my Bose skips. Tried replacing the battery as was suggested on a YouTube video but no luck. Local repair guy says “just toss it - not worth fixing and this Bose is notorious for problems with the mother board”. Don’t know who to believe??

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