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Hi, I just finished replacing the battery on my old iPhone 5, which went suprisingly well! I did however made a small mistake by pulling the ‘Authorised Service Provider Only’ tab while the old battery is still intact, resulting in part of the tab being ripped away (see image). Not sure if this is a problem, is the tab there to cover/protect sensitive circuits? (I only teared the bit where it says ‘Authorised Service Provider Only’, not the entire thing.)

Thanks! :)

Edit: Helpful tip - To those planning on doing iPhone battery replacements, remember to TAKE YOUR TIME while prying the battery out of the case, it’s not a quick job, pry gently, bit by bit at different edges of the battery and it will eventually free itself. I did mine that way, and worked out really well (with the adhesive still intact for my new battery). Other than that, trust me when I say it is the most rewarding experience to be able to you fix your own device! And it is not as difficult as you think!

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No, it is only covering the outer part of the SIM slot, which may be grounded anyway. I think the tab is to make it easier to remove the adhesive on the battery.

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Thanks! I thought so too, but the adhesive holding the battery to the case is just too strong, hence the tab snapped when I tried to pull it outwards.

Anyway, glad to know that it’s okay! :)


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